Warehouse Lighting Tips

All warehouses are unique in themselves, and because they are unique they require bespoke lighting solutions. With warehouses covering a large area and the great height they possess, it can be a great challenge to effectively light them. With this in mind, it is important to remember that effective lighting is crucial within any warehouse to make it safe.

One very popular way to light a warehouse is by using LED fixtures. LED lighting is known to be very efficient and last for a very long time. It is important to have a professional lighting company perform a lighting survey before any installations are done, this is because incorrectly installed LED lighting can prove very costly. Here we have written some guidelines to adhere to when undergoing a warehouse LED lighting project.

Making LED lighting effective

To create a safe working space, it is important to consider how the LED lighting will be installed. A proper LED lighting installation can provide improvements to health and safety, and reduce workplace accidents.

A warehouse that has a poorly fitted LED lighting installation will not benefit, it will simply be inefficient and the lighting will be poor.

LED lighting has a lot of advantages when comparing them to older lighting technology. They can be dimmed very easily when combined with localized presence detectors, thus saving the company energy. LED lighting can also be linked to software solutions so that they can be monitored for efficiency.

When looking at a warehouse LED lighting solution high bay lights are normally the most popular option, as they have good lighting reach and will keep the floors of the warehouse illuminated from the ceiling.

LED lighting safety precautions

A properly planned and fitted LEd lighting installation will see your warehouse is provided with sufficient lighting, this is one of the most critical ways you can provide a safe working environment. On the other hand, a poorly lit warehouse is a recipe for a workplace disaster. Generally, the best solution for a warehouse is to install narrow beam angle lighting that focuses on the aisles within the warehouse.

Another health and safety concern is lighting glare, when operators tend to look up at the racks older lighting technology can give off a glare. However, with LED lighting this threat is totally eliminated as there is no threat of glare from a LED lighting fixture.

More information

Do you require more information in relation to LED lighting, if so please contact one of our helpful team via the contact page, someone will be more than happy to assist you.