Racking & Shelving

Racking & Shelving

Working with leading manufacturers we provide safe, high-quality warehouse metal racking systems and industrial shelving for efficient storage of pallets, boxes, containers and more.

Racking and Shelving Systems

Our racking and industrial shelving systems are designed to be safe and are made from high-quality materials. For the effective storage of pallets, containers, boxes, and more.

No matter what type of warehouse stock you have there is a racking and shelving solution that will provide safe and efficient storage, rotation, and picking of your items.

We provide a multitude of racking and shelving solutions to include:

  • Conventional pallet racking
  • Drive-in racking
  • Movirack mobile racking
  • Pallet shuffle
  • Live pallet racking
  • Pick tower
  • Metal shelving
  • Cantilever shelving
Warehouse Racking and Shelving
Case Study

Dwell & DFS

2021 Project: Dwell DFS, UK largest sofa retailer makes space work. . .

A new warehouse racking system was sought by Dwell DFS for their brand new Milton Keynes regional distribution centre. Working with Mecalux, it was key to offer a warehouse design that delivers operational efficiency, space optimisation and value for money. This project utlised 24 double-depth pallet racks, ensuring high load capacity. Given the length and height we improved the peformance of their current design by some margin, their warehouse can now locate more than 22,000 pallets. The project also delivered streamlined picking as the pallets racks offer quick access to the stored goods. A further key advantage to the client was the high level of security afforded by the cameras fitted to the forklifts to facilitate more secure handling at great height.



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