8 Different Types Of Warehouse Security Measures

Loss of inventory within a warehouse can be a very big problem, in fact, recent reports have depicted that warehouse inventory losses are a £12 billion to £24 billion pounds a year problem.

So how can warehouse security prevent warehouse inventory theft? How can a business make its warehouse more secure? What security measures does your warehouse business need?

The Importance of Warehouse Security

If a warehouse does not possess the correct security equipment it makes it very easy for thieves to steal inventory within the warehouse. Generally, there is no warehouse business that is immune to theft.

However, you may be thinking to yourself that your product is not directly managed by yourself, as you use a third-party logistics warehouse company. Well, if this is the case, security is still a major matter of concern, since the third-party warehouse company is still storing your inventory.

Security For Inside And Outside The Warehouse

When thinking about installing warehouse security it is important to consider both the inside and outside of the warehouse facility. External facing warehouse security systems are known as perimeter security and are used to protect the entry points of a warehouse, the parking areas, and the plot of the landline. External security helps to provide a layer of security outside of the warehouse, thus deterring thieves from entering the land of the warehouse.

Internal security is designed to catch thieves who have breached the external security of the warehouse, it is also used to catch employees who steal stock from the warehouse. Rather than prevention internal warehouse security focuses on gathering intel to help catch thieves.

8 Types of Warehouse Security Measures

Here we have listed 8 types of warehouse security measures that will help provide a very secure warehouse:

  1. Warehouse Security Cameras. The use of security cameras can be a great deterrent for thieves as they gather strong evidence if set up correctly. A modern security camera installation can gather high-quality camera footage that can be used in court.
  2. Warehouse Lighting. Warehouse lighting can also be considered a high element of warehouse security. A poorly lit warehouse can provide protection for thieves as security cameras will not be able to provide high-quality evidence of who the thieves were.
  3. Alarm Systems. Warehouse alarms are a crucial element in a highly protected warehouse. They minimize the amount of inventory stolen by thieves and alert security and the police. Thieves tend to adhere to a time limit once an alarm is triggered, thus only stealing a certain amount of stock from the warehouse. Silent alarms can also be installed, alerting security and the police without the police knowing.
  4. Security Patrols. A warehouse that employees security on its site definitely deters thieves more than just warehouse security technology. Security staff tends to perform security checks every hour or so, checking security camera blindspots and the perimeters of the warehouse land.
  5. Access Control Systems and Security Cages. If a warehouse is storing high-value stock, it is a good idea to install access control systems and security cages to store the high-value stock. By using these types of warehouse security all thieves will be deterred from carrying out the burglary in a warehouse as it is far too time-consuming to break into a security cage with an access control system installed.
  6. Inventory Tracking. It is important that a warehouse has an inventory tracking solution. This will allow the company to track the inventory in real-time, and check for missing products. Inventory tracking is important as it will alert the warehouse company quickly if stock is missing.
  7. Entryway Security Doors. It is important to install anti-theft security doors in a warehouse. If a warehouse’s security doors are weak or damaged, they could allow thieves into the warehouse with ease. Security doors that are tough to break down will slow down thieves and increase the chances that will be caught by authorities.
  8. Window Security. All warehouse windows should be reinforced to prevent a break-in. There should also be no windows on the ground floor of the building, thus reducing the risk of a break-in. All windows should also be fitted with window locking mechanisms, and even steel bars/ window covers to put off thieves from trying to break into the warehouse.

The 8 tips for warehouse security are not a full extensive list o, they are however a brilliant way to achieve a more secure warehouse if you do not currently have a very secure warehouse. It is important to add that no security will ever be 100% proof against a break-in by thieves.

Further Information

Do you require further information regarding warehouse security? If so please contact one of the Warehouse Fit-Out Solutions team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.