Tips For Warehouse LED Lighting

It is common that many warehouse owners are struggling with high energy costs all the while having to ensure that high-quality lighting levels are met.

Rest assured, warehouse LED lighting technology has minimized some of the burdens that are linked to high energy costs. This is because they use far less energy to light an area effectively than that of older lighting technologies.


The design of warehouse lighting is very important this is because the ceiling heights of warehouses often exceed twenty-five feet. Thus, having a proper lighting design is crucial, this will ensure that the warehouse facility is evenly lit and there are no areas that have shadows or no light.

Choose LEDs Over Older Lighting Technology

Older technology lights such as HID use large amounts of energy. HID lights in fact operate on high-power ballasts. Whereas LED lighting is much more effective, the light emitted from LED fixtures is far more superior to older lighting technology, and they use far less energy, approximately 60-90% less.

Choose The Lighting Color

When choosing LED lighting for your warehouse it is important to choose the correct light “colour”. The colour temperature of LED lighting is measured via a unit of kelvin. Warmer commercial LED lighting is close to 2700k while a cooler light is approximately 5000k. Some scientific studies have concluded that warmer colour LED lights make for a more relaxed workplace while a cooler colour promotes more alertness in the workforce.

Save Energy

The key benefit to superseding your older technology lights for the more modern LED lights is obviously energy efficiency. Other benefits include; being maintenance-free, money-saving, and eco-friendly. An LED lighting solution could quite possibly pay for itself in a matter of months, then your energy-saving will continue for many years.

Further Information

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact one of our team who will be more than happy to assist you in your LED lighting project.