How Going Solar Benefits Both The Public And The Environment

The majority of individuals know that solar energy is green energy. However few individuals actually know of the specifics that solar energy benefits the environment and public health.

During this article, we will touch on how solar power impacts greenhouse gas emissions, how it affects ground and water supplies, and how solar energy benefits public health.

Carbon Dioxide Emmisions

Carbon dioxide within the atmosphere has a great effect on climate change. It is absorbed by the atmosphere and can be found within it for decades all the while radiating heat to Earth, thus continuously warming the planet.

It has been scientifically reported that climate change has an abundance of adverse effects on public health. Climate change can make it easier for diseases to spread, can increase famines and droughts, and also increases the magnitude of natural disasters. By switching to solar energy you can help reduce these threats.

By creating power from solar panels there will be a total reduction in air pollution, this is because they do not rely on fuel that creates carbon dioxide to run.

Adopting renewable energy sources will see the displacement of nonrenewable sources that burn carbon dioxide.

Methane Emissions

It is a scientific fact that methane stays longer within the Earth’s atmosphere than that of carbon dioxide and that it traps more heat and radiation.

When natural gas and petroleum are burned large amounts of methane enter the atmosphere. Solar power n the other hand creates no methane. Thus the more solar energy is used the less methane is emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Ground Pollution

Nonrenewable enery tends todammage the Earths ground in many ways. One of these is when oil spills into the soil, this harms wildlife, while fracking for natural gas has a negative impact on habitats and many layers of the Earth.

Nuclear power has been reported to not harm the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, but has been shown to be a threat to the ground. Nuclear power plants often are inhospitable and have high levels of radiation that can harm people and wildlife.

Solar panels do not harm the Earth’s ground.

Air Polution

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that they estimate approxamately 4.2 million people have died prematurley because of air polution outside. One of the major contributors to these premature deaths is the burning of oil.

However, solar panels do not polute the air.

Solar Power Bennefits

Solar power produces no greenhouse gases thus bennefiting its owners and the planet Earth in many ways. It supersedes energy sources such as fossil fuels, these fuels emmit carbon dioxide and methane into the Earth’s atmosphere this creates a global warming effect.

Solar panels in no way harm the ground or the air, and do not contamiate water ways or absorb water.

Further Information

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