LED Dimmers

In this modern age, LED lighting is quite the norm and is categorized as one of the most versatile and efficient lighting systems available. While LED lighting is great for overall efficiency, there are things to consider carefully if you require full dimming capabilities. In this article, we have outlined the capabilities of LED dimmers.

How LED dimmers work

LED Dimmers do not work in the same way as traditional dimmers where the current is reduced and so is the light. LED dimmers voltage stays the same whether the LED light is dimmed or not dimmed. The LED simply dims by means of a pulse width modulation or analog dimming.

The first option sees the fixture rete a pulsing of light levels these light levels flicker between high and low, these light levels are flickered in millisecond variances. Basically, the light flickers on and off so quickly it is undetectable. Since the flicker is too quick for the human eye to detect the LED light achieves a dimming appearance, however, the actual light emission stays the same. The second method for achieving LED lighting dimming is the analog method, this relies on the actual reduction of current flow. But using the analog method means there is a reduced quality of light compared to the pulse width modulation option.

What is the best option?

LED lighting is the best option for nearly all reasons, however, the diming capabilities for LED lighting are still catching up. You should bear in mind that when dimming a LED light the current stays the same, but when dimming fluorescent lights the current actually reduced as the light is dimmed. When considering which type of lighting fixture to use when dimming is important, you should consider how important energy efficiency is to you. This is not to say that LED dimmable options are not a great choice, we think you should consider all lighting fixture options.

Further information

If you require further information in relation to LED dimmers, please contact one of our team who will be happy to provide any help you require.