Solar Power Bird Protection

In this article, we have listed numerous ways that solar panels can be protected from birds.


To help prevent birds and other small animals from nesting underneath your solar panels wire mesh can be installed on the edges of the panels. Wire mesh also helps to prevent debris from mounting up underneath and in-between the solar panels.

To install wire mesh to your solar panels it is best to contact a professional installation team, as of health and safety protocols.

Roof Spikes

An installation of roof spikes can help to deter birds from nesting and landing on solar panels but they are not the most attractive installation option.

Roof spikes do not cause any harm to birds, they act as a deterrent and make it uncomfortable for birds to land and rest. Roof spikes will help to deter birds from landing and nesting around solar panels.

Fake Animals and Birds

Most birds find it difficult to tell the difference between fake birds and animals to real ones. So in essence, if fake animals and birds are placed on top of roofs near solar panels they will scare away approaching birds, quite like a scarecrow.

If a fake owl is placed on the roof where solar panels are installed this will indeed scare away approaching birds from landing on top of the installed solar panels. This tried and tested method of scaring away approaching birds has worked for many years. Another method for scaring away birds is to install a kite that is shaped like a bird close to the solar panels.


Once the chosen bird protection methods have been installed it is best practice to set up a maintenance schedule to maintain the panels and the bird protection installations. This routine maintenance can be set up once a month, so a professional maintenance team to check and repair anything that is needed.

Further Information

If you require any further information in relation to renewable energy and indeed protecting your solar panels. Please contact one of our team, who will be happy to help.