What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy can be described as renewable energy, this renewable energy is derived from the sun’s radiation and heat. Solar energy can be converted to provide energy in forms of heat and electricity through mechanical devices such as solar panels.

How does Solar Energy Work?

Solar Energy works by capturing solar electromagnetic radiation also known as sunlight, then converting it to forms of energy such as electricity. To capture solar electromagnetic radiation solar panel technologies are used, these can capture the sun’s radiation and convert it to green electricity.

Examples of Solar Power

Solar power is an infinite power source, if we get down to basics, drying our clothes, and growing our food are concepts of solar power usage. however, with technological advancements we are able to harness solar power and heat our homes, also new advancements are harnessing solar power to charge our electric cars.

Different Types of Solar Energy

What does the term solar energy refer to? It means any method of harvesting sunlight and converting it to a form of energy. Sor energy can be categorized as Passive or Active. Passive refers to the use of solar energy without the need for manmade devices. Active on the other hand refers to the use of solar energy using manmade devices such as solar panels. Types of solar energy include:

  • Passive Solar
  • Solar thermal
  • Concentrated solar power
  • Solar PV (Photovoltaics)

Passive Solar

Passive solar energy can be described as a way to use solar energy without the use of man-made mechanical devices.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal energy can be described as a way to use the heat from the sun to power heating applications, such as to heat water.

Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated solar power can be described as a type of solar thermal energy, this energy is used to generate electricity. To harness solar thermal energy mirrors are used to reflect sunlight to a receiver, this receiver converts the energy to heat, the heat is then converted to electricity.

Solar PV

Solar PV was first used in space, now it is common to see in everyday devices such as watches, to date solar PV is one of the most recognised forms of solar energy. Solar PV is when Solar Photovoltaic (PV) cells are used to convert the sun’s solar energy to electricity.

More Information

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