Solar Power Efficiency And Performance

Here we have listed some of the factors that may alter the efficiency and performance of solar panels.

Mounting Position

Solar power panels function is to absorb solar energy, if they are mounted incorrectly they will not be efficient. Solar panels need to be installed so that they absorb as much sun as possible. Thus, the installation site and positioning of solar panels is a very important factor in getting the most energy converted as possible.

Solar panels that are mounted on the roof of a building tend to absorb different amounts of sunlight throughout the day because the sun moves. It is suggested to install solar panels south facing, as south-facing solar panels will be exposed to a greater amount of sunlight than other facing positions.

Solar Irradiation

It is a general misconception that solar panels operate utilizing heat to produce electricity. However, this is not the case, it is sunlight that is converted to sustainable electricity. For solar panels to produce electricity they must convert sunlight (UV rays).


Temperature is another major factor to consider before the installation of solar panels.

If your premises resides in an area where there is extreme heat, this can reduce the amount of electricity to be produced from the solar panels. If the area of installation is exposed to extreme heat it is important to consider airflow to keep the panels cool so that they can operate at maximum efficiency.

Further Information

If you require further information in relation to renewable energy and solar panels please contact one of our expert team who will be happy to assist you.