What is Eco-Friendly Lighting?

Once an eco-friendly lighting solution is found and installed it can have many benefits, including; energy consumption, cost-saving, and wider environmental effects.

What is Eco-Friendly Lighting?

Eco-friendly lighting can mean many different things, the definition of eco-friendly lighting does not necessarily mean a solution or product, but can mean the numerous qualities various lighting products have to help the environment.

Therefore, eco-friendly lighting can be defined as any part of the lighting solution that helps the environment, such as; fixtures, power, and bulbs.

Overall, eco-friendly lighting is a lighting solution that helps reduce negative effects on the environment.

Eco-Friendly Lighting Benefits

Businesses that adopt eco-friendly lighting solutions can see many benefits, whether the lighting is powered by sustainable energy or are simply more energy efficient than the superseded lighting system.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions

When electricity is produced via fossil fuels Greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, greenhouse gasses contribute negatively towards global warming and other environmental impacts. Eco-friendly lighting is one way to reduce these harmful emissions, thus the popularity of eco-friendly lighting solutions.

Preserve finite resources

Fossil fuel reserves are at an all-time low, and using these precious fuel reserves has many negative effects on the environment. Renewable power is now becoming more popular to create electricity and power lighting, and is classified as sustainable and will not deplete as will fossil fuels when harnessed.


Most if not all modern lighting systems are designed with longevity in mind. Hence, their eco-friendly effects will be harnessed for many more years to come without having to replace them. Thus, reducing manufacturing costs, material, and overall price.


Old hat fluorescent lighting can contain toxic materials such as mercury, this mercury has no option but to be disposed of in landfills, as the bulbs can not be recycled. Thus leading to contamination of the environment. However, eco-friendly lighting does not contain toxic materials and can be widely recycled, thus being eco-friendly.


Because most eco-friendly lighting systems are designed with longevity in mind, there will be less of a spend on replacements. Also, by being eco-friendly less energy is used to power the lighting systems, thus they use less electricity to power.

Eco-friendly lighting ideas

LEDs (Light Emitting Diode)

LED lighting has been proven to be the most energy-efficient lighting on the market today. If we are to compare traditional bulbs to LED we would see that LED lighting requires 90% less energy to produce light, and the light they produce is very bright. LED lights do still require electricity to work, however, if the energy source is coming from renewable energy sources they will help to promote the environment in a positive way.

Solar Powered Lighting

Solar panel lighting is a very eco-friendly lighting solution. The solar panel lighting solution will see lighting units being charged during daylight hours and then running when needed. Normally solar-powered lighting has minimal maintenance, no battery replacements, and comes with a variety of color options.

There are many applications for solar-powered lighting including; cycle paths, roof lights, sheds, and temporary structures.

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